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Owner rents house property whole strategy uses the winter that rent to rest peri

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Enter in December, the market that rent begins to be entered truly " the winter rests period " , the demand that changes a room is less and less, brought about directly will rent December clinch a deal the quantity glides, according to " catenary home is landed " statistical data shows, the capital will be rented December clinch a deal quantity annulus dropped than November 11.3% , average house hire drops apparent, average rent is one-room flat about 1535 yuan / month, annulus is compared last month 1590 yuan of the corresponding period / the month dropped 3.5% , two bedrooms and three-room flat hire are 1842 yuan / the month mixes 2311 yuan / month, dropped respectively 4.6% with 1.7% .

This shows, farther body will reveal the capital market that rent December " price quantity falls together " posture of be issued to lower levels, but, "Catenary home is landed " center of market research and development thinks, the fall that will rent the market in December is main because draw near the Spring Festival, mouth of the bearer outside the part returns country state to begin to show, add demand lack newly, result from just about; of seasonal element be caused by but after passing as the Spring Festival, mouth of the bearer outside 08 Olympic Gameses is swarmed into, the development that the element such as room leap changes to supporting the city after renting after year, and opposite to instantly " refrigerant " the owner that rent, hiring off-season and main job is how to achieve earnings the biggest change, here " catenary home is landed " summary of center of market research and development gives whole strategy of off-season and rental house property, provide guidance for owner:

Strategy one: Use off-season " long exercise to benefit the internal organs " , decorate house property to increase value

To the old building of off-season sky buy, owner and its base price make benefit rental, be inferior to using this paragraph of time to decorate house property, be in for instance the area of along the line of a few subways, basically attract young office worker to beg hire, can be aimed at some of person vogue, pay attention to the characteristic with measurable easy to decorate house property, and circumjacent student is begged hire more area to be able to match a bookshelf simply, a few more various desk and chair, the area that faces the person that IT course of study rents a house can configure reticle to wait a moment, in addition, OK and new stucco, make the house gives a person the sense more clear, perhaps acquire the kitchen with simple part is provided, water heater, contented demand requirement of life of ground of more of the person that hire, make house property has specific aim and sexual price to compare more, generally speaking, below the circumstance that homogeneous phase of a sector of an area, position, front is the same as, decorate good house to want taller than the house property hire that decorates simply 100-350 yuan / month, when the house property re-lease that has decorated accordingly, can bring higher profit for owner.
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