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Rent rules promulgated Chongqing: public rental allows a maximum of 3 people s

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Chongqing Land and Housing Bureau said, "Chongqing public rental management implementation details," 18 was promulgated, 3 people sharing provisions allowing the public to rent. Previous income limits for the content of online publicity in the absence of change: a single person 2,000 yuan monthly income of no more than 2 person family income does not exceed 3,000 yuan, more than 2 people in the family income does not exceed 1,500. Monthly income includes not only wages, but also calculate salaries, bonuses, annual salary increases, labor dividends, allowances, subsidies, pensions, other labor income and property income. Articles provide that the rent of public rental calculated according to the construction area, the lessee shall pay the monthly rent, the monthly payment date is before 20. Rental income of public rental of special interest on loans used to pay rent and maintenance of the public. If the tenant rent in arrears, from the late date, the lessee will be five ten-thousandth the amount payable per day to pay liquidated damages. In addition, the lessee paying rent and other expenses, but also inform their lease contract in the unit or municipal housing fund management center, from their wages or simply deduct the housing provident fund account directly. In addition, the lessee should be every 2 years, the Authority reported to the City of public rental housing, income, according to the specified declaration, as a waiver of rental housing, the contract terminated.

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