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Rent or next year to open the first public event of building construction can b

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Yesterday, the City of Housing and Urban guest Linzhen Han Guang, Deputy Secretary for metropolitan area networks, online communication with the users. Although "net chat," the theme is "Safety and quality management", but users are more concerned about affordable housing and property market regulation and other social hot spots. "As the city 'sandwich layer', when we can live in public rental?" The face of successive users "lost" out of the "tile", Linzhen Han said the authorities are currently investigating the needs for public rental, the first building is expected to open next year award of public rental. Start building next year or the first public rental "Took a year of rental subsidies, when they could live in public rental?" ... ... A series Paizhuan users. Linzhen Han said the current building housing the Bureau has embarked on investigating the needs of public rental housing, and began the preparation of the implementation measures, I believe that next year there will be some government approval for construction of public rental housing. Gas business will be issued "license" Chancheng friends "swallow" that the current Foshan bottled gas market is more chaotic, I do not know how the authorities will strengthen the security management? Linzhen Han admitted that the current illegal operation Foshan bottled gas is indeed more black spots, there is greater liquidity. And these black is generally hidden in the groceries stores, grocery stores, it is difficult to be found. Foshan branch devoted to gas liquefied petroleum gas cylinders available in the market, about 300,000, and the current gas station to inflate its only 18 million or so, the loss of nearly 120,000 cylinders to the "black inflatable point. " "'Black air' points to the surrounding areas through low-grade gas filling stations, the use of high pressure to increase the quality of tap water and other means to deceive the consumer, such behavior is also a major threat to the safety of the residents there." Linzhen Han said the current five districts in the city the gas supply point distribution planning, licensing of future operational needs of gas (currently under development ministries and agencies, the approved rules), housing construction and the five District Council department in charge of gas market regulation began to develop some of the measures, the "black gas" will gradually the city disappear. Experience, "House tyrants" to telephone complaints Just buy a house in the South China Sea, Guangzhou User "Fu Qiang", fearing to encounter when moving floor decoration Pa, she specialized online please Lin Zhenhan "Weapon." "Please rest assured that users, residential building renovation Pa is handling construction of urban levels of housing authorities to prevent and combat the object of focus!" Linzhen Han said, Foshan, recently introduced the "Property Management Regulations", emphasizing the residential property services companies may not specify decoration handling team, handling team can not be entrenched in the decoration within the business community; the same time, property management may not make things difficult for owners to move or ask others to move, the owners of others if you move, just for access to documents and to pay a deposit to move the decoration. He suggested that if the encounter with the evil nature of hegemony in the area outside the entrance floor, handling monopoly business, the public can direct the police; if it is monopoly in the district of House Pa handling operations, you can live the URA to complaints from telephone 86231972 .

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