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Protection of the country dominated by public rental housing will reach 10 mil

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In 2011, the national income housing projects on the scale of housing construction, or up to 1000 million units, compared to 580 million units in 2010, an increase of 72.4%. And plans to add 420 million housing, public rental housing will account for the major part. If the protection of housing construction plan for the 10 million units, it means that income housing projects in 2011 will invest more than 1 trillion yuan, the national real estate investment reached 20%. Notice made it clear that in 2011 plans to build affordable housing projects is 10 million sets of tasks, and require adjustment of the local government before the report of the "2009-2012 three-year construction of affordable housing plan" and local "second five" affordable housing Construction Planning, December 10 deadline for the final report. Gansu Province, recently announced that commercial development will be built with no less than 5% of public rental housing. Matching funds and preferential policies For large-scale construction of affordable housing projects in the funding gap problem. Department of Housing and Urban experts said that the Central will be given subsidized housing construction offers many supporting policies, supporting policies that will continue. According to report, issued in 2011 will be more support for the construction of subsidized housing policy, such as protection of the Housing Investment Trust Fund. In 2010, in order to ensure that the construction of affordable housing the local government of financing the project, the State Council, local financing in the clean up and rectify the platform, but also involving the financing of affordable housing platform for the special treatment. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries issued a notice to the central government subsidies, land transfer income net income and fund value-added part of the overall use of funds generated to allow the construction of public rental housing the local government can also use this sum. Experts said the incentive policy on the eastern coast is relatively large. Currently, most of the eastern coastal city of relying on local financial investment and net income part of the land to complete the task of building a local low-rent housing. Some of the extra money if allowed to build public rental housing, these cities will be very motivated to carry out the new subsidized housing construction engineering tasks. For example, since 2010, the Central Provident Fund has gradually introduced a pilot policy of protection of housing construction, subsidized housing policy, the use of funds several good subsidized housing policy. Even in the State Council issued the "19 No." In the future, local governments will also be a place for the protection of housing construction financing platform for special care not to include it within the scope of rectification. In 2011, construction of affordable housing policy will usher in more "packs." For example, the protection of the Housing Trust Fund pilot ratification, policy bank loans, land supply priority. In addition, pension funds and insurance funds may also be gradually gain access to the construction of subsidized housing eligibility. Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research, Yang Hongxu told reporters, insurance funds or other funds into the construction of affordable housing is a kind of market behavior, as long as affordable housing can be covered made some gains, it is bound to attract a lot of money to enter.

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