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5, low-rent housing Shiwupeizu Bedroom Jinan end of the election room. Sort 摇号 Bedroom in 1940, the former No. 摇号 family by the order selected from 974 housing units Bedroom house, the final selection of 18 households to give up room. Housing authority, said the family 8 Organization alternate selection room. 7, a reporter from the Jinan Municipal Housing Security and Housing Authority was informed that 18 sets of abandoned houses are in the century, the Chinese City Area. It is reported that this year's low-cost housing availability in Jinan City in 12 Area, Bedroom houses totaled 974 sets. Judging from the election room, three days before the election room ideal situation, only three families give up. Relatively privileged position of Mao new film area, Juxian Area, suan Triangle Area, Large Ash Area, after a nine weft Area, days Bedroom Area new home six low-rent housing, the first day of the election room all to be elected to go. Lixia District Housing Authority Section staff housing support Mr. Zhang said the family to give up the election room in time for the procedure, giving the "voluntary give up", then the "low-rent housing in Jinan City Shiwupeizu qualification certificate", "the election room Notice "and other related documents turned over. "The last day of the election room, some families simply did not go to the scene selection room, which left the location and availability of supporting a direct relationship. Habits of families in the east, to move to Prince Huai Yin Shan Industrial Park District, near the Century in China City, do have a lot of inconvenience. "Responsible for the election room on-site availability of procedures for staff to give Mr Li said. Jinan City Housing Authority housing security and housing security at the relevant responsible person said, the last two days of family participation in the election room availability at the location of the selected aspects of housing and previously selected gaps do exist, these families Because habits, children go to school, care for the elderly and other reasons to give up the election room, is understandable. "In accordance with the relevant provisions, if the election room home in a case of housing options to give the election room, will be stopped Shiwupeizu eligible year." The responsible person, in this period, these 18 families to the municipal housing management administration can Department Door applications proposed rental subsidies. 18 sets of abandoned houses on how to handle? Jinan City Housing Authority housing security and housing security, said Deputy Director Wu Yutao, 8, will be organized to select an alternate family room, before the election room for the Bedroom, to the 18 sets of house looking for To the owner. Give up the selection room, and more children to the elderly "The children go to school, caring for the elderly is not convenient, is to abandon the two most important reasons the election room." Room on-site responsible for the election procedures for staff to give up houses, said Mr. Lee, 4, 5, two days after another 15 home Court to give the election room. Liu Zhaoquan early 40s gave the election room. He was a factory east of Jinan Iron and Steel dry temporary workers living in the vicinity of Hongjialou children primary school is also nearby, Liu Zhaoquan election room, the only Chinese city of the century houses. "Liu Zhaoquan very helpless, on his fifth-grade children, there are more than a year to the junior high school, then transfer too agonizing, of learning." Responsible for the availability of procedures for staff to give Mr Li said. Divorced 43-year-old son and crowded Chenxing E Garden Road, Tung Tau in the younger brother at home, at home, there are more than 80-year-old mother. Originally selected in the 4th house, she did not understand the remaining availability to the scene after the election room. City Housing Authority to live calendar Housing Protection Section staff Shumei said Chen Xinge children facing pressure, at this point do not want to delay child to learn. Her old mother living environment has long been accustomed to the east, coupled with the frail and sick, can not afford it Why toss away. It is understood that in this 18 election to give up the family room, about 65% of the children go to school, about 30% is to care for the elderly. "This year, Area 12 low-rent housing, part of the Forward House." Lixia District Housing Authority Housing Security Bureau, said a staff member, most low-income families want existing homes, the sooner the better to live in, but like Bali Bridge, the World Ji Zhonghua City, and other houses by the first half of 2012 to stay, these families give up the election this year, room, stop Shiwupeizu year qualification to the 2012 re-election room 摇号 year when you can just stay. "Although they give up the election room , But can apply to a housing subsidy, such as year, some families still willing. "

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