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Lanzhouxigu area this weekend placing low-rent housing 606 units of low-inco

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Yesterday, reporter learned from the Lanzhou City Housing Authority, as established earlier this year in Lanzhou City, 4,300 sets of 210,000 square meters new low-cost housing to eligible low-income families with rent low-rent housing in 3000 the practical, low-cost housing project will be at full capacity by the end of November. In addition, this weekend, Western District of elegant solid new district, District Court and the good fortune building area will be placing qualified low-income families rent housing 606 units. This year, the Lanzhou City plans to build 12,500 affordable housing units, as of now, have all started. This reporter learned that, in the provision of 4,000 units of affordable housing to eligible low-income families in public placement, at present, Chengguan District government, the peace district government, in the City investment company shall provide affordable housing has been initially implemented, preparation is being done work. Lanzhou City Housing Authority has been repeatedly linked the government and the West Seven Mile Creek area solid district government, asked the public to report their commitment to affordable housing for placing the implementation of the task, but not yet reported, has sent a letter to Seven Mile Creek area, solid area and the West Anning District Government, the implementation of Open Offer as soon as possible affordable housing sites to specific projects and condominiums. It is reported that 100 sets of Chengguan District Government, District Government Qilihe 2200 sets, 400 sets of the Government in Anning District, Western District government to provide 500 sets of solid, the city provided 800 sets of city investment. Second, determine the new year 4300 in Lanzhou City, 210,000 square meters low-rent housing units to eligible low-income families with rent low-cost housing 3000. Currently, Lanzhou City has started construction of 2216 low-rent housing units, capacity utilization reached 51.3% of all projects is expected in November will be at full capacity.

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