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Round of public rental "new Suzhou" a dream house

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 In Suzhou, migrant workers, known as the "New Suzhou."

With the sustained and rapid economic development of Suzhou, the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, the end of 2009, the "new Suzhou" The number has more than 590 million people, close to the 6.33 million "old Suzhou" solve "the new Suzhou" The housing problem in Suzhou City to face an important issue. Especially in 2010 ahead of schedule in 2008 low-cost housing and affordable housing construction 3-year plan, the urban low-income families achieve Yingbaojinbao residence after the construction of public rental housing affordable housing in Suzhou City, the heavy construction in the weight.

Currently, Suzhou has gone off, regulate, enhance the three stages of development to achieve the government led by the disorder, the white-collar workers from the construction of dormitory apartments, housing foreign workers from the solution to the "Housing" of 3 a change.

"Excellent tenants" to retain talent

Recently, work in the Suzhou Industrial Park, Ms. Xu Keyu farewell to "dwelling" life, moved into the new Jincheng star apartments. As a form of public rental housing, the park's "excellent rental" system is more firmly rooted in his commitment to the park. Apartments for rent than the surrounding low a lot, so Jincheng Star Apartment rent of 1,200 yuan per month for Ms. Xu Kehe it is quite a bargain. "In particular, live in particular worry, the government will not give us raise prices, and signed the lease contract is 2 years." Ke Xu said.

August 23 this year, the park district's first new Jincheng Star excellent rental apartments was officially opened. Jincheng housing units with 864 apartments, the park people can be resettled 2,000. This will further ease the park personnel and "excellent tenants" of supply and demand, effectively address young people start "living hard" problem.

Xu Kefu women like this group of new business park, just a few years ago to start work does not have the financial ability to buy a house, while relatively high need for a quality living environment. To retain talent, stable personnel, the park through the new construction, acquisition and launch of a number of advantages such as rent, can solve the housing problem of new talents. Is expected in October this year, the park will be built 35 million square meters of about 3,300 sets of "good renters" can be placed about 8,000 people in the excellent rental scale; to the end of 2012, the scale will be expanded to 4,500 units, can be placed about 1.1 million people.

It is understood that the park "excellent tenants" rents the government-guided prices, the base rent determined with reference to land market price, the market price of the rent is about 2 / 3. According to this principle, Jincheng apartment rented single type for each 600 yuan / month, and Xu Kefu women are simple family rental housing for the each Ershiyiting 1,200 yuan / month. Specifically, the apartment can rent the park from the individual General Provident Fund account in the full deduction on the amount recorded, thus greatly reducing the economic pressure on workers to stay, but also largely reduces the "good renters" management center the difficulty of collection of rent. In addition, the Suzhou Industrial Park "excellent tenants" Management Limited has been established, the future will serve as finance and asset management platform.

Cooperative housing enriching things correct

Suzhou City in public rental housing development, and government agencies to take the government to explore investment and construction, investment and construction of their own, investment in building social organizations, "three models", High-tech Zone Jingshan Maple Street Apartments is a typical investment in building social organization success stories. "The Maple people are really happy and everyone into a shareholder dividend every year." - This is Maple Street, Suzhou New District, a true portrayal of landless peasants.

April 2007, Suzhou New District Maple Minfa enriching cooperative was set up by the peasants to the demolition compensation price of shares investment. Family farmers to shareholders as a unit voluntarily shares, per share 5,000 yuan per household to subscribe for 110 shares. Enriching cooperative implementation of "security at the end bonus," the bonus distribution, that is the end of the first 3 years guarantee the 8% dividend rate, the future business earnings annually to gradually increase the proportion of share dividends.

With the development of high-tech zones Maple street, large building has intensified, and the influx of foreign workers, Maple Street to meet the staff quarters of foreign investment enterprises demand, cooperatives saw the opportunity to enrich the people made in 2008, 2 Jingshan 18 investment into a project apartment. The investment in cooperatives 40,000 30% of the original investors voluntarily shares with cash, shares reached 3,588 households. Jingshan apartment through investment operations, cooperatives, farmers in the 2007-2009 period of 3 consecutive years to achieve a 9% dividend, for a total dividend of 23.74 million yuan, the largest one has got about 8,000 yuan of dividends.

Currently, the Jingshan a dormitory apartment is leased entirely by Asustek Computer Inc., the occupancy rate of 98%, about 8,000 people to solve the housing problem. Among them, the commercial building construction area of 1.6 million square meters, a total of supermarkets, bathrooms, bars, restaurants, clothing, beauty salons and other businesses more than 50. The region is also equipped with a basketball court, badminton court, skating rink and other entertainment facilities, enriching the entertainment staff to stay. Apartments Phase II is planned for two high-rise, with a total area of 4.5 million square meters, 800 sets of the total number of rooms has commenced, is expected to completed by the end of 2011 and put into use. "The new Suzhou" sheltered, "Old Suzhou" of income, this is really good best of both worlds.

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