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Tall knowledge of the short return rate that rent a house teachs you to do great

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  [Summary] Property soft hardware has both ability wins tall get one's own back, choose namely appropriate short lease property, offer considerate service to reach assure enough short hire passenger source.

Hardware: Small family, traffic advantage, form a complete set is complete it is crucial. Choosing right property is to attract short the first requirement that rents a settle or live in a strange place, it is beautiful with small family property: Unit of cell, 9 houses, suit weak point rents a settle or live in a strange place often the circumstance of 1-2 person, and small family more, door model hire is cheap, in short hire the market relatively popular. Next property is located a sector of an area wants traffic to go to the lavatory: Be located in near subway upper cover or subway, if be aimed at Fair technically short hire a guest to be able to consider to exhibit the property near the house. Finally, life form a complete set wants property periphery all ready: Periphery has the daily life form a complete set such as cafeteria, supermarket, can solve short rent a settle or live in a strange place daily life demand, let them more moment handle business affairs work.

Software: Offer considerate household to serve. The residence compares a hotel more attract short the feeling that hires a guest to have house home namely. Home appliance of the family property inside property should match neat, the close article such as bedding wants to be updated every time, already the feeling that sanitation lets hire a guest to have new home again. Additional, can be aimed at short hire a guest to offer a fax for business affairs personnel, print, get online wait for business affairs form a complete set to serve. Can consider to provide more considerate service finally, like homemaking service, station / the airport comes property or exhibit a house receive send, phone interpreter, free tourist guide, can offer distinctive considerate service, can hire a guest to be attracted, next time farewell is hired.

Wide hand in meeting weak point to hire charge commonly than growing go up in 25%-60% , but short rent the house also cannot deviate hires a cost normally, too deviate market price hires a guest to also be not accepted. Place produces a personage to suggest in, can consult the contemporaneous, hotel price that is the same as a section of a highway, congener class, the class that inspects property, decorate level, provide the field such as the service reasonable price. Generally speaking, small family property is reference with price of economy hotel room, want petty gain to become the left and right sides only, can attract a lot of short rent a settle or live in a strange place.

Short hire cannot lean one year only two period wide hand in meeting, empty buy of other time property is unwarrantable return rate, there still are all sorts of demands to be able to arise on the market " short hire " client, if the company is short-term,groom, solve accommodation of seek by inquiry of relatives and friends to wait a moment, "Short hire " demand is ceaseless. Want to assure adequate passenger source, optimal way maintains connection with landed intermediary company namely, can ensure short hire passenger source; another method is with old " short hire " the guest maintains connection, make an appointment next time lease.
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