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Ought not to sink into in renting a house! For the first time such by me " prodi

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Zhou Wei, this dress is close-fitting long skirt, having one the head is elegant the carries the girl high to give a person impression of long hair is very beautiful, but the description that next she experiences to oneself appears antipathetic in that way with her appearance however.

I 24 years old everyday " the job " get online namely, see a netizen, look for me to think right person. What I want is not one-night standing, I should find to be able to include the healthy man that raises me...

Parents sides with respective happiness far went, is my happiness in again?

I go up first that years 3, parents divorced. Issueing rain in that afternoon, mom took away the thing that belongs to her, in that flashy my heart also is drawn out empty. Next I became a redundant person, after be being taken an examination of in, did not take an examination of on me of high school more do not know this what course to follow.

Next parents discussed to send an office inside city me tall, but not long Mom sees me no longer, the care of pa also is used on a new female person completely.

With respect to such crossroad that I wander in life, the fallen leaves that drifts along with wind like does not have basis.

Be in the school I am very alone very self-abased also, classmates often mock me to should not group have eccentric, I was used to. When I am alone nevertheless I always can discover that double hour follow my bright eye.

Be a loneliness on the weekend, beat the pitter-patter smash on glazing the reluctance in my heart builds the bank wall that remove. I do not restrain the depressed Mao Yu in the heart to run to outside school, I already divided not clear tear and rainwater, mixing I am calling pitter-patter: "Pa, Mom, how don't you want me? My fast is mad, who can help me? " rain stopped, I look up the umbrella that discovered a head to go up, that host of double pupil said: "Get wet in the rain can catch a cold. "Get wet in the rain can catch a cold..

He cries brilliance of the rising sun, it is my classfellow. The umbrella was being hit for me in his hand in rain that day another hand is pulling me to go ahead. "How didn't you come home? " I look up ask him. "I see you the mood is bad to ran, I follow you all the time at the back, have what a load on one's mind you and I say! " the courage that I also do not know to him where comes, pour smolder to him entirely in the anguish in the heart at a draught.

Why did he what I do not know to be enveloped by halo all along notice me this only ugly small duckling. Listen to me to cry of Lie Lie tell about him to embrace me in the bosom, he is fond of the appearance of cherish to let me touch. "I can take care of you! " brilliance of the rising sun exert all one's strength the ground says.

The 2nd semester, brilliance of the rising sun family is a soldier through concerning to send Beijing him, in me two minutes other I cried in the evening lachrymal person, before be being faced, he enjoins me to want to take good care of oneself, wait for him well to come back. Start in the train that momently I detect I just had the heart of assured source to come to nothing again then. I do not have a law need the school in double without that pupil, did not discuss me to be retreated with him learn.
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