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"Black heart " building of landlord violate the rules and regulations still rent

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[Summary] mirrorred to Hangzhou newscast a few days ago in Mr Li of Hangzhou deal: Oneself spent 20 thousand yuan of money, hire in one's hand is a structure of violate the rules and regulations that should dismantle however.

Before a month, mr Li in 3 mound 5 apricot village hired two old factory building to prepare to use deal, signed the contract that a lease is 10 years with landlord. But he discovers later, here did not connect water and electricity, cannot produce normally at all. Be informed via asking after, these two houses or violate the rules and regulations are built, want to undertake demolishing immediately.

Then, mr Li asks landlord returns 20 thousand yuan of deposit, but refuse. After many setbacks, the reporter contacts landlord Shen Yanzhong eventually.

"This building property right is done not have, if encountering a country to tear open change, we want free to cooperate a government. " Shen Yanzhong says however, about the property of the house, oneself had told Mr Li at the beginning. But, mr Li does not agree with this one view.

Reporter the record that in substation of west lake of bureau of natural resources of Hangzhou city land place of 3 mound land found this room: Be in early this year on March 18, land management department already this house qualitative build for violate the rules and regulations, if be not demolished inside 3 days,be about to be demolished compulsively. The director says the old man of land place, the announcement issues 3 many months, landlord still is renting however house. He still expresses: "We undertake forced releasing next month. " knowing obviously is the structure of violate the rules and regulations that should dismantle, for money, rent its as before however. As we have learned, at present village of 5 apricot village appoint can have undertaken intercessory with respect to this matter, enjoin landlord returns the deposit that returns 20 thousand yuan.

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