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The building rents interlocution

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1, what is the meaning that the building rents?

Answer: It is to point to lessor with oral or the form of subscription situation contract has building consign tenant, use with accrual, pay the behavior of hire to lessor by tenant. But the client of hotel industry rents and building field manages medium bar to rent do not belong to a building to rent limits.

2, what is the legal feature that the building rents?

Answer: (1) the depart of building droit and access. (2) the punish right person of the droit person of rental and factitious building and classics lessor accredit or attorney. (3) the access that lessor makes over a building, tenant acquires building access and accrual right to valence with paying hire to regard as. (4) the department of rented mark is praedial, belong to the specific thing that the contract agrees, in rent after expiring, tenant ought to return rental still house in time. (5) the both sides that rent ought to sign written contract, agree bilateral right is compulsory, fulfill register put on record formalities.

3, what situation ought to understand before renting a house?

Answer: (1) whether does lessor have right rental housing, want to treat disease of its property right. (2) whether does this housing have legal rental document, namely " the building rents licence " . (3) the actual use condition that examines a building and state.

4, the individual is in bear when leasing a building, how be on guard is the defect that rent a house entered?

Answer: (1) the property right disease that treats rental room; (2) whether does the id card that check reads letter agree with property right card; (3) after signing a contract, deal with register put on record formalities.

5, what building cannot rent?

Answer: Basis " urban house rents administrative measure " , following building cannot rent:

(1) did not acquire building property lawfully of card; (2) judiciary and executive authority ruling, decision closes down or limit estate right with other form lawfully; (3) mutual building did not obtain mutual person to agree; (4) authority is belonged to open to question; (5) attribute illegal action; (6) do not accord with safe level; (7) the building already mortgaged, agree without hypothec person; (8) do not accord with the director branch such as public security, environmental protection, sanitation to concern a provision; (9) about law, code the regulation prohibits hack is other case.

6, by what is building hire formed partly?

Answer: Interest of depreciation cost, upkeep, administration fee, investment, taxes, insurance premium, land rent and profit.

7, whether can tenant change building use?

Answer: Tenant needs to change the use that the contract agrees, ought to ask for so that lessor agrees beforehand. Still ought to accord with " regulation of Shanghai living property " thirtieth regulation: "The residence must not change use character. Because special situation needs those who change use character, ought to accord with town planning requirement, its owner ought to be asked for of committee of use person and photograph adjacent owner, owner agree writtenly, sign up for management department of estate of area, county to examine and approve. Property manages the according to the plan and construction public construction inside area and public facilities, must not change use character "
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