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Rent a few opinion of law compendium to financing

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The Shanghai guild that rent is standing vice-chairman Yu Kaiqi

" compendium of the financing law that rent " so short time is published, between the lines is condensing the investigation and study of comrade of group of legislation of National People's Congress, discuss a large number of painstaking effort with arduous effort repeatedly. Overall looking was to absorb the mainstream opinion inside the industry, fill the blank in many code that rent, held to opinion of a few principles. Also noticed what rent estate with international to conform, but still the problem is not little, deepness is insufficient. Basically have the following:

One, legislative guiding ideology locates insufficient clarity, purpose is made clear not quite.

The current situation of the current China course of study that rent is very backward, as different as the Chinese economy that high speed expands situation, do not match, make this one " sunny industry " the effect that gleaning fill a vacancy, provide timely help cannot have in that way like the developed country on problem of the difficulty that resolving Chinese economy, focus. More do not talk to go up make the point of growth with Chinese new economy. Does the reason where? Prime cause depends on a government renting a concept to hold an issue to financing, bring about thereby politics give much door, government confused, superintend excessive. The enterprise that makes should be engaged in financing renting business in great quantities is in illegal status, make this serves the advanced sale kind that is setting with commerce originally, just added " financing " 2 words, " social status " hundredfold, superintend have add. Result, can do truly have a few only (the United States has more than 3000) , china rents course of study to be in the small-sized, dispersive, condition that does not have foreword from beginning to end, some comrades ascribe the problem of the course of study that rent to Chinese credence environment, little imagine, credit problem all through the ages is not Chinese special local product.

In this kind big setting falls, make " financing rents a law " basic fixed position and purpose have only, that accelerates the development that promotes the trade that rent namely, normative it may not be a bad idea, superintendency it may not be a bad idea is a method only, because be mixed without the standard,superintend, development also will be short-lived. However, because was superintended in the past excessive had caused very serious consequence, so, superintending should be measurable, effective. Of course some must strict, is not original meaning superintend.

Since fixed position and intent are such, so say from active meaning, legislative focus should be put on 2 o'clock, it is to adjust, those who tell is a bit heavier it is to bring order out of chaos, radically reform. 2 it is to give aid to, study abroad hires the experience with successful course of study and policy advantage seriously especially, how to give aid to according to what national condition makes us policy, make truly China already the renting course of study of 100 aperture can revitalize 1000 sore quickly, be in quickly pull move economy, expand inside need, the play on the difficulty problem that solving Chinese economy is modern the powerful omnibus function of the course of study that rent. This also is the original intention of our legislation worker and governmental director branch.
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