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Public security of the building that rent administers a regulation

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The first is the public security management that strengthens the building that rent, do good safety to be on guard, protection rents bilateral legitimate rights and interests, make this provision especially.
The 2nd sets a renting house that say originally, it is to point to to the purpose is with seeking profits beyond hotel industry, the citizen is mixed demesne the unit is all and rental the building that is used at other to live.
Mechanism of the 3rd public security executes public security management to leasing a building, build register, the administrative system such as safe examination.
Street dweller committee, villager committee reachs the 4th town its public security committee, the safety that ought to assist public security mechanism to had become the house that rent is on guard, education of legal conduct propaganda and job of public security management.
Building of the 5th hack, equipment of its building, fire control, passageway and passageway, must accord with fire control safety and regulation of public security government; Danger and building of architectural of violate the rules and regulations, forbid to rent.
The 6th demesne building hack, lessor must manage building property evidence is other perhaps and legal Id of proof, dweller, booklet of registered residence, apply for to register to police station of building seat public security; Unit building hack, lessor must manage building property recommendation of card, unit, apply for to register to police station of building seat public security, classics examine and verify accords with what set rental requirement originally, sign guarantee of public security responsibility to public security police station by lessor.
The public security responsibility of lessor of the 7th building:
(one) forbid to rent the building the tenant that does not have lawful and effective certificate;
(2) sign the contract that rent with tenant, tenant is ab extra shack personnel, ought to guide its to declare mouth of resident of of short duration to register to public security police station, deal with a temporary residence permit;
(3) seat of mouth of the full name to tenant, sexual distinction, age, constant resident, profession is main perhaps economic origin, the fundamental condition such as service location undertakes registering and put on record to public security police station;
(4) discover tenant has illegal crime activity to perhaps have illegal crime suspicion, ought to reach times to inform public security office;
(5) often have safe examination to hack building, discover in time and eliminate insecure hidden danger, ensure the living safety of tenant;
(6) the building stops to rent, ought to deal with to public security police station cancel formalities;
(7) the building is rental unit or individual attorney runs rental house, agent must abide by concerned regulation, assume corresponding responsibility.
The public security responsibility of tenant of the 8th building:
(one) must him hold dweller Id is other perhaps and lawful identity document;
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