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Rental scam and more: Online cheated private rented loss 2000 7700

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"Sharing partners seek to require long-term lease, love clean, have a steady income, you question." Yesterday, the reporter free to log in more than one rental network, see a lot of this information. 80, 90 tenants are young, more like a network, to find sharing partners. But reporters in an interview that, compared with other groups, these inexperienced young tenants in the rental process often appears to be lack of experience, lack of skills, so in looking for housing, contracting, shared a lot of problems occurred during , resulting in economic losses.

Internet to find housing

"Landlord" bugger, 7,700 yuan was "black"

Rent case: Miss Bai Lingzhang work in the office, usually tends to like to browse various web pages, because the rental of the house is about to expire, log on every day after Miss Zhang Xicheng major sites, "looking for" rental information. Miss Chang in a few days before rental site "wandering" and saw the Sun Village, Chiang set of 115 two-bedroom house, according to the description of post at that time, Ms. Zhang felt all aspects of the conditions are pretty good, so made with the landlord in contact later, Miss Zhang went to see room.

To critically scene, Miss Zhang, the landlord is found in a 40-year-old man, wearing glasses, looking as polite as pie, not like bad people to rest assured that half did not ask the landlord's personal information. The landlord said the rent on the original post 1,200 yuan, Miss Chang with the landlord about the bargain, the landlord agreed to rent her 1,100 yuan, Miss Chang to feel that they do not pay you a fee, and secondly also to bargain successfully, the heart suddenly flattered, on the spot to pay the price for half a year and one month deposit, a total of 7700 yuan.

For the afternoon will move, Miss Chang hurried back to the landlord without a close look at real estate license, just down the landlord's identity card number. Miss Chang afternoon the payment of utilities issues to think of it, give the landlord called and did not expect the landlord's phone off, Miss Zhang heart suddenly "Ko Deng," look at the reminder of my colleagues, Miss Chang left up to the police station to verify the landlord her identity card number and found that no such person.

Until then, I realized that I have taken the bait Miss Zhang.

Weapon Law: Wuxi City law firm of Chen Yun Cliff lawyer advised, Miss Chang should call the police. The very fact that the situation described in accordance with, the so-called landlord is likely to be false, the fake landlord may be the property owner of the house to begin with (the real landlord) entered into a lease contract, and then forged real estate license and ID card will hands house "rent" to Miss Zhang. So you can find out what Miss Chang the property owner of the houses, see if I can find out from them to the landlord that the true false information, and then find out the information according to the police station alarm. For online rental, lawyers highlighted in the pay to rent, you should view the housing property owners (landlords) of the ID card, certificates of title, the focus is to verify the two documents are not the same person, and at the same time need to verify the real estate license the address is consistent with the actual address. If the verification renters feel may be a problem, then it can go to the Real Estate Board Office of the Commissioner to make inquiries, usually, as long as that is to rent their own, while providing housing to query the full address and the building to the department by found in the real property rights related to housing.

Privately rented

Be driven out, 2,000 failed to be implemented

Rent case: after 80 girls just graduated this year, Wang, through campus recruitment to Wuxi, a unit of work. Although the unit provides a dormitory, but because there is no air conditioning and the poor condition, Wang wanted to rent an apartment outside.

Through an intermediary, Wang found nearby in a two-bedroom unit in the house. Before the house has been rented two entire Suzhou girls, you just said is the work of the two girls, looking for sharing. Looked at the room and met with the intermediary that the two girls in Suzhou, the overall feel are all very satisfied with Wang. So you on the spot just like Wang and signed contracts with two girls in Suzhou, the two parties on the contract was one of Suzhou, Wang and girls, and cover the intermediary chapter. Wang said the two sides live in one of the good, the monthly housing cost 500 yuan. Wang paid 500 yuan for an intermediary agency fees, paid another month's room rate, deposit, and the next quarter of the room fee, to move in to live.

A month later, two middle-aged man claiming to be the landlord came to the door, kicked up with Wang, and asked her to live in. Who's. Wang said he signed the contract with the intermediary and the principal tenant, and a hearing this, two landlord rage, said no agreement by the landlord, head tenant could not be sub-leased to someone else's house, and come Before they signed the agreement with the principal tenant of the terms to see Wang. Wang angry landlord ordered to move out immediately, Haoshuodaiyue only after Wang agreed to move a week time.

How confused the Wang did not think things will become like this, the understanding of the original is the principal tenant and the landlord agreed to put the agency has not been sublet the house to himself. Now head tenant, said something back to Suzhou, holding their own deposit and 3 months of housing costs, a total of 2,000 left. Wang seek explanation on one side only, while find room.

Weapon Law: Wuxi cliffs gross counsel law firm, according to Wang and the intermediary and the principal tenant, the contract signed, has been formed between her and the subletting main tenant relationship, and according to contract law and rental law relevant provisions of the sublease is the need to go through the owner (ie, homeowners) consent, and the signing of the contract, the owner, principal tenant, intermediaries, and the housemates have to be present, the contract should be in quadruplicate, the parties should take one up. Intermediary and principal tenant in the absence of consent by the owner, and Wang signed a contract and allow it to live in, is illegal. Accordance with the relevant legal provisions, you should be returned to 500 yuan Wang intermediary fees, and, in theory, Wang spent moving transport costs, intermediaries also should be compensated. And Wang can rely on the contract signed with the principal tenant, requiring head tenant must return the deposit and the rest of the room rate.

Mao's lawyer suggested that in renting, whether they are rented or with the whole set of people sharing, if through an intermediary, it must be made to the intermediary do not forget to see the owner himself, and regular practice is to sign a contract when agency owner, the owner, the first lessee, the lessee must present the second contract in quadruplicate. If you do not perform, better not to rent an apartment in the intermediary. Moreover, once a dispute, we must first pay attention to the protection of evidence, contracts, receipts, should keep it, these are the most direct evidence. For just graduated college students do not have much social experience, with particular attention to this point.

◎ experts advise

A look at the second intermediate license real estate license test landlord

For tenants who happened to some young reporter first unannounced visits to the city center area of a small real estate agency 4. When a reporter referred to shared housing, in addition to an agency specifically to go through the landlord comes to sharing the consent of the landlord to be present when the contract beyond the remaining three housemates can say that contract directly with the principal tenant, the the money to the principal tenant on it. That journalists have the intention of renting them a responsible person even said you simply do not have to sign a contract, as long as a good discussion with the principal tenant, on time and the money to the principal tenant enough. When asked if the landlord found not to sharing how to do, the person in charge said that nothing would happen under normal circumstances, though rest assured the journalists.

Then call the City Industrial and Commercial Administration of Press 12315, complaint hotline staff told reporters that this year they received a complaint about the real estate agent is not too much, but there are a dozen so far, complaints related to unlicensed, illegal operations does not fulfill relevant obligations and other aspects.

Reporter then contacted the real estate broker, president of Wuxi Yuan Fengbiao. According to reports, the current rental market in Wuxi is good overall, most of them are certified business, "black agency" is just an isolated phenomenon. Undeniably, some small intermediaries indeed there are some non-standard operations, to some extent at the expense of the customer's interests. Advised when renting through an intermediary must first see if there are industrial and commercial business certificate issued by the department, if not to a "black agency" is absolutely not believe it.

As for the online rental, Yuan Fengbiao proposed large housing information network, and find room very fast, matching the relatively high degree, from the point of view, should be a good choice. But the network falsehoods, false information more, no way to find the real source of housing information, security, insecurity.

Proposed tenant must be more than eye, such as the availability of the selected housing areas with the same room to compare actual transaction, if the price deviations are too many to be mindful of. Specifically to examine real estate license, in order to determine the authenticity of the landlord.

Also present, many intermediaries will also put up the online rental housing, tenant when the Internet to find room as possible to select some large, a qualified intermediary to provide the housing, in addition to the housing authority can also be a professional Web site to find, Indeed availability of safe and reliable. Do not cut agency fees in order to save themselves online to find room, in private negotiations, so that their interests are not protected, after a dispute is difficult to be held accountable.

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