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There you have the landlord set the mold with the crotch of Suzhou rent trap

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 Lease will soon expire, and a woman posing as landlords and real estate agents, respectively, staged two-man, this is not his own of the premises to the inexperienced migrant women, deceived the rent after the disappeared. Recently, Wujiang City People's Court sentenced Lu Xiaofeng of contract fraud, Zhang Bing (microblogging) aromatic five months detention and fined 1,000 yuan.

Earlier this year, Zhang Bingfang rent a house in Wujiang, six months contract term to expire in August this year. The end of June, I felt the boss to get pay too little, Zhang Bingfang to quit his job and already looking for a copy. There are more than a month to think of a house due, anyway they are not prepared to rent out, not as posing as the landlord, to find someone to rent out this house, a rental got cheated.

Just do it, Zhang Bingfang decide on their own as real estate agent, but also to help find a fellow Lu Xiaofeng. Lu Xiaofeng Zhang Bingfang with the landlord to say she wanted to pretend to rent out the house, cheat money flower, let him look at the temporary as the landlord, so get money easier to cheat when the money we spend together. See live so easily, and rich points, Lu Xiaofeng readily agreed.

June 20 or so, Zhang Bingfang paper posted in the rental front, says "low rent housing." The next day, first came to the two migrant women working in Wujiang Wang and Li Zhang Bingfang see when looking for rental housing advertisements posted to keep the phone numbers under the above provision in the past, and asked how Zhang Bingfang house rent? Zhangbing Fang said: " how easily you rent, I rent this house is very cheap, like to rent, then two days to contact me good. "stabilize after Wang and Li, Zhang Bingfang immediately contact Lu Xiaofeng. After the two had discussed, then call them Zhangbing Fang Wang and Li look at the apartment.

June 25 night, Wang and Li house according to the agreed point of view, Zhang Bingfang just like the two working girl said: "I am Wujiang × × real estate agent, and this is the landlord, called × ×." Zhang Bingfang rent before 450 dollars a month, to allow two working girl deceived, Zhang Bingfang deliberately reduce the rent price, asking price as long as 330 dollars a person, Wang and Li first came to Wujiang, for several days houses were high rents to scare, the sudden appearance of the house so cheap, the two inexperienced girl immediately agreed to "rent" Zhang Bingfang house. After the two sides on a good rent, Wang spot an advance deposit of 1,000 dollars to the "landlord" Lu Xiaofeng, in order for the two migrant women believe in themselves, Zhang Bingfang specially wrote a special receipt to them.

June 28, Wang and Li Zhang Bingfang link to sign the agreement to rent, to speak before the Zhang Bingfang written rental agreements, the rent on the remaining signatures, and Lu Xiaofeng Zhang Bingfang natural sign is a fake name . A good sign the agreement, Wang and Li prepaid rent 4,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan deposit, 150 yuan and 300 yuan intermediary fees cost digital TV set-top box, a total of 5450 yuan. Wang and Li also thought he was good and cheap to rent a house, full of joy, the next day, the two bags to the little girl will be "rental" and found the real landlord cleaning, an inquiry did not know he cheated the. Wang and Li poor have not been cheated out of money earned over 5,000, the spot fell to the floor and cried.

Possession of the fox's tail had not long after all. Lu Xiaofeng Zhang Bingfang and the money will be split after cheating specially for the celebration to go in their cup light, the police have appeared in front of the two.

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