[Rental] room of business street _2 of road of hill of lion of new developed are

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Property type is common the residence
New developed area of area of new center of hill of village name lion - lion hill road
Business street of road of hill of lion of property address new developed area
Door model 2 rooms 2 hall 1 hutch 1 protect an area 78 square metre
Floor the 6th, in all 6 front
Hire 1500 yuan / month

Traffic situation
See room time
Smooth rice of 2/1/1(78 of Shan Xinyuan of detailed description lion) traditional Chinese clothes is repaired, home appliance furniture is all ready, digital TV, water heater, natural gas, garage of independent proper motion, the house is in 6F. Hire: 1500 yuan / month. Have need partner ask me to contact: 13402600601(Xiaorao)

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