[Rental] _ of road of hill of lion of new developed area bright and beautiful ne

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Property type small high level
Village name bright and beautiful new developed area of Li Yuan area - lion hill road
Property address new developed area bank edifice of lion of river road gold
Door model 3 rooms 2 hall 1 hutch 2 protect an area 144 square metre
Floor the 10th, in all 11 front
Hire 7000 yuan / month

In detail 3/2/2(144 of Li Yuan of descriptive bright and beautiful makes the same score rice) clothbound repairs home appliance furniture all ready, village of high-grade concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, village environment is very green the flower is much, what live mostly is be an official of foreign nationality person, go out to shop all right very convenient, the house takes elevator in 10F, hire: 7000 yuan / month. The associate that has need is contacted with me please: 13402600601(Xiaorao)&

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