[Beg hire] new developed area scoops up room of Hua Ting _1 of international of

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Property type high level
Village name area new developed area - scoop up emerald green Hua Ting
Hua Ting of international of river of property address gold
Door model 1 room 1 hall 1 hutch 1 protect an area 68 square metre
Floor front
Hire 2800 yuan / month

Describe Hua Ting of golden river international in detail, be located in across of road of river of lion Shan Bin to be in, rely on business street of new developed area closely flourishing a sector of an area, 1/1, 21/30 building, 68 square, 2800 yuan / month, brand-new and luxurious decorate, enjoy exalted life, . Village environment is beautiful. Public security is good. Traffic shopping respect, shop convenient, have inside other village other door model room source, hire price is low, more information offers a welcome to call: 15952427091 Chen Jian & , serve for you heart and soul

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