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Complain a record to look about what rent a house from what receive, what lodger is cheated to ask thought fors the time being is not little, not be the trap that encountered the landlord that do not have fine to drop intermediary company namely commonly. A few days ago, receive a landlord however complain, say oneself were cheated, 2000 yuan of cash pledge hit water to float not to say, intermediary company still says this matter and they have nothing to do.

Enthusiastic and considerate clerk came

This year in March, bridge lady phones Hangzhou to seek limited company of broker of fine house house property, hang out one's shingle rental a house. Next, one claims Miss He that is this company clerk comes, the lady that it is bridge rents house business gets together.

Miss He is very enthusiastic, and the service is considerate, the cash pledge that connects lodger is she helps close, send actively still in bridge lady home. Up-to-date, bridge lady still wants to be illogical, miss He of when everything is all right can be a false clerk? "On March 31, miss He says lodger came, agreed to see room time with me, another she and her colleague is taking a guest to look together, the guest surnames Yao, it is a man, look to say to want to lease my building. " soon the house rents smoothly, bridge lady pretty is glad, with them one pedestrian went to a company signing a contract.

The time that signs a contract will be on March 31. "We discussed, lodger pays me 4000 yuan of deposit, chummage pays by the quarter, every quarter pays 9300 yuan, pay first quarter, lease is a year. Next I paid 600 yuan of intermediary fee, mr Yao paid 1240 yuan of intermediary fee. " bridge lady says: "Mr Yao did not carry cash pledge and rent at that time, come to an agreement or understanding pays again the following day, when Miss He returns respecting, she can be in charge of a money sending me the home, I agreed. I agreed..

This link still has a problem greatly

"The following day, miss He sent 9300 yuan of chummage, but without cash pledge. " bridge lady says, she urges Miss He to demand deposit all the time, till April 7, the colleague of Miss He just is taking 2000 yuan of cash pledge to come.

"That fellow says Miss He is too busy, do not have time to come, additionally 2000 yuan of cash pledge want delay one delay, when when paying the 2nd quarter rent, pay again. " bridge lady thinks lodger wants to hire a year anyway, also not be willing to be difficult home, agreed.

The 2nd quarter arrived in an instant, lodger Mr Yao asks to remove contract, say to be not renewed lease a building. "His break a contact, press contract agreement, want overpay to give me the chummage of a month. " bridge lady says, mr Yao is quite frank also, say 4000 yuan of cash pledge need not be retreated.

"I accepted 2000 yuan of deposit only obviously, how can you become 4000 yuan? " bridge lady reminds Yao the gentleman pays 2000 yuan of deposit even, the other side showed a piece of receipt of 4000 yuan of cash pledge however, say he paid Miss He at the beginning.
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