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More and more foreigners are owning strong interest to Chinese culture, have more a lot of foreigners value Chinese economy and will to China develop, became high end to rent the market to go up all the time main forces. So, do you want to make the foreigner's landlord? Still see you first to the house what which kinds of country suit more to savour to rent a settle or live in a strange place?

Compare in China much Asian should calculate Korea support of the people Japanese, although their country is in China circumjacent, but hiring a room to go up or having respective and bright distinguishing feature:

(1) is Korean like front to be south, floor is on in high-level house, after finding favorite room, landlord of general meeting requirement or the Bao Jie that intermediary company gives him to do whole works, perhaps help him move, because this landlord can have been done " after carry out " because psychological preparation; is Korean the habit that has barefoot, so they can choose to contain the room of wooden floor commonly, some Korea hire a guest to be able to be used to his to take furniture, wait like TV, bed, chest, freezer, if there is a full-time wife in the home, like so have inside the building greatly kitchen, own the refrigerator of a high capacity.

(2) Japanese all through the ages has the tradition of give sb a rubdown with a damp towel, accordingly they pay attention to the establishment of toilet very much, there is crock of a big bath inside the preference for instance, best can let them sit the bathroom of comfortable give sb a rubdown with a damp towel, and they bathe time is relatively longer, had better not use the electric water heater that has capacity restriction so, and the; that takes the place of in order to light gas water heater is additional, they also like the shop in the room to have wooden floor board, can spread a cushion to resemble sleeping collapse the habit that collapses to; Japanese has genuflect land all the time like rice and sit, consequently a few shorter furniture, tea table mixes their preference the bed.

Relative to character, euramerican person agreed quite to renting the requirement of the respect and taste:

(What 1) likes to decorate is concise, contemporary, major person accepts what light color moves to decorate colour quite, like to restore ancient ways not quite rustic perhaps style, exalted to be being regarded as by the Chinese indicative annatto furniture, they but not very " cold " , contrary, they more the family property that favour has log to be made, this likelihood and Europe beauty advocate natural, free life manner is concerned.

(What 2) takes toilet and kitchen seriously absolutely is clean degree, OK and simple but cannot have too apparent besmirch, major Europe beauty likes a bathroom to be able to have sign of a bath, when bathing in order to prevent splashing it is everywhere. In addition, they do not love to be in the home oneself cook and in order to cry outside sell replace, can look for hour labour to undertake clearing away cleaning regularly, meet to the room consequently retentive better.
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