The guideline that rent: The capture when hiring a guest to forbid pays hire lan

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Lessor armour rents the building hire of tenant second already had a year to did not get rent, armour urges second pays rent for many times, but without the result. Show what armour wants to stop pair of second to rent, ask second moves this to lease a building, but if second does not agree to move out, armour does not seek fund again, does Jia Yingru manage where? Is armour OK and sequestered the belongings inside the building of second?

Press national regulation: Default hire accumulative total of 6 months above, lessor is terminable the contract that rent.

State case according to place, can sue to the court, the requirement terminates a contract, ask to pay the rent that default, belongings can apply for to conserve at the same time when sueing, the belongings of sequestered tenant. But cannot its belongings mixes proper motion distrain to evict forcibly, this kind of measure can be undertaken lawfully by the court only.

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