Make clever landlord see what cannot ignore " rental cost "

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When a lot of house property invest a novice to invest return rate in computation, often can ignore the defray of rental cost, make invest a risk to increase.

Rental cost includes the following fields normally:

One, property administration fee, lessor (property right person) the property administration fee that should pay certain amount every year to property management company.

2, upkeep, before entering property, property right person must run a company to property one-time pay the maintenance fund with brushstroke larger number.

3, run cost, include lessor to come to close hire, hire a guest to see room and the time cost that pay place of of all kinds charge to cost and energy cost.

4, tax cost, include business tax, individual income tax and stamp duty to wait.

5, belongings insurance premium, once belongings comes up against force majeure to get loss, can win insurance compensation.

6, empty buy loss, normally the circumstance falls, any property assure impossibly to maintain absolutely in the rental rate of 100% , sure have proper empty buy time, have long have short, a particular year is seasonal and different, normally different, the expression of loss late also can differ.

7, hire loss, the hire loss of as a result of tenant credence problem generation, specific include to escape hire, owe hire.

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