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Introduce according to professional personage, as the market that rent mature with each passing day, nowadays, renting a house is to solve the gens that do not have a room not just pressing living demand is so simple. In recent years, wait for a lot of cities in Guangzhou, Shanghai especially, took the lead in appearing to partly room gens hires the phenomenon that the house lives, the dominant position that the many sided such as investment conduct financial transactions involves more among them considers. Looked the following 4 case, you also perhaps can have the same feeling, sometimes the room does not live hire a room to live, also the tweak that a kind of with one action gets can yet be regarded as more.

Go to the lavatory to be raised in order to hire to go to work hire

Miss Yang has one flatlet in the urban district, because the company moves a suburb, went to work to did not go to the lavatory before, she costs the time on the road to have two hours at least everyday. Pass a consideration one time, miss Yang leases the building to a friend that goes to work around oneself, and oneself are in closer from the company place and colleague close rented one suite, hire is 1200 yuan / month, still saved commuted traffic cost. Miss Yang goes to work now quite convenient, and raise in order to hire hire, deducted oneself hire, every month still has Miss Yang 800 yuan hire income profit, kill two birds with one stone.

Comment on: Resemble Miss Yang such, oneself have a house, but the change as a result of place going to work, course going to work grows, undoubted meeting raises cost of the life, traffic. And the house oneself is rental, remove to rent a house to closer from the company place again, raise in order to hire hire, do not need to sell the property with beloved at hand on one hand, also go to the lavatory on the other hand go to work, this kind is changed neatly, miss Yang of careful calculation and strict budgeting can is made well-advised choice.

Rent old house hires bridal chamber to earn price difference

Zhang Baibai lives in downtown unit all the time in the room of cent for years, he and husband or wife are moved recently left downtown area, arrived to be in quiet residential village to hire a room to live. Live in many neighbour near Home Zhang Baibai so, see the downtown house market that rent is quite thriving, and building hire also does not poor, lift the home to be moved in succession other piece the area looks for abode additionally, go to the property lease that lives oneself so earning hire. Then Zhang Baibai also chose to rent the house of an electrified ladder, lunar hire 1400 yuan. And he covers Laofang every months then hire can achieve 1800 yuan, after paying every months to hire room income, zhang Baibai still can gain extra income, and also need not open a window for summer again too clamorous and sleep to be not worn became aware.

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