Judge hand writes down: When renting a house, need to prove lessor identity care

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Shenzhen is rented as house of an emigrant town very general. But in giant house the existence in activity of the market that rent wears what problem of a lot of law needs special attention. Many people think the building photograph that rent wants to be gotten simply than building business much, need to pay close attention to without what law problem, even somebody thinks the written contract that rent is dispensable. Actual condition however rather, tenant of the part in be being rented as a result of the building is not building droit person, he gains limited access from droit person place only, because this is inside the deadline that rent, the use of the building scope of application of tenant, relevant establishment and charge are assumed all due and definite agreement. And to lessor (namely landlord) , the building inside the deadline that rent already broke away from his effective control to accuse, how to ensure oneself rent profit, protect a building to be not damaged artificially again at the same time, avoid to hire passenger beak a contract to be retreated ahead of schedule after hiring " the person goes the building is empty " passive case, these problems need to the both sides that rent reachs consensus beforehand and enact relevant measure. What the article adopts this pair of proposals is analytic, the lessor in renting the market to the building and tenant offer a few caution.

"Sublessor " relet without house-owner bright show agree, house-owner can remove with " sublessor " the renting contract between

Alleged relet is to point to the rightful tenant of the building to there is right below certain condition all or the part is rental this building. But relet is restricted in what before waiting for a respect to get greatly, the limits that rent, time rents a contract, namely the renting condition of relet must not is more than as lessor namely begin tenant rents what obtain in the contract to hire a condition at begin, basically point to the limits that rent, time to wait, exceed a part to disable. According to our country " contract law " the 224th regulation: Tenant classics lessor agrees, can give the 3rd person relet of the content that rent. Of tenant relet, the renting contract between tenant and lessor continues effective, the 3rd person causes losing to renting content, tenant ought to recoup a loss. Tenant agrees with relet without lessor, lessor can remove contract. This shows, the relet authority of the tenant of the building wants classics letter bright show agree to just can be enjoyed. This bright shows agree to be able to use two kinds of forms: It is begin already agreed tenant has relet right in the contract that rent, 2 it is all begin offer to this second relet directly agree with a proof. If did not obtain all begin to be opposite of this relet afore-mentioned any one kind agrees with a proof, the begin that did not agree with relet has authority to remove to rent the renting contract between the tenant of the relation with its existence at any time, and after this is all relet relation all will be removed accordingly. In this case, appellant forest × firm its bear beautiful shell of all building Sui Mou meet the 3rd person that hire the right of administration of place makes over appellee along with all the others forest × counterpoises, appellant says this relet behavior already passed building owner, namely this case of graceful of × of Cheng of the 3rd person agree, its have quote responsibility to this, and forest × firm offerred evidence can't prove above of Cheng × graceful narrates two kinds of means bright show agree its building relet, and Cheng × graceful also gives to this deny. Reason court is maintained forest the behavior of building of × firm relet agrees without lessor, graceful of lessor Cheng × has authority to stop with forest × firm the building rents a contract, call in building access.
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