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Service market employs a person to do " cateran " the job

Yu Liang is go-between of the Western Han Dynasty of short for Shaanxi Province, 32 years old, ferial in do-nothing, of one mind wants to get rich. Last year, he breaks out crank, set with rental building set, rob the person that comes round to see a room.

Last year on November 8, he rented an one room in community of Zhai of Zhang Ma of 27 areas bee one hall, release rental information in some website next. Last year on November 13, he visits site with enrolling security personnel for, from market of 2 driveways service Mo Runchao, He Zhanfu (when committing the crime minor, friend assumed name) , money of Lv Guoju, Qu Shanling, A (alias, be at large) , Ma Chao (alias, be at large) , A Chi (alias, be at large) take hostel, prepare oneself to undertake dacoity idea told them, these people hesitated to agree unexpectedly.

The following day 10 when make, zhu Lili (alias) became the first their prey, she rents from the house that Yu Liang sees on the net with its connection sees a room after information. Yu Liang lets the 7 human affairs such as Mo Runchao hide into rented house bedroom first inside, when Zhu Lili comes to the sitting room, yu Liang takes the advantage of his unprepared push its the bedroom, a few people press Zhu Lili at once bind stop foot, reave cash the spot escapes after 2400 yuan reach the content such as mobile phone, MP3. After the event, 100 yuan of reward gets over there Cong Yuliang of a few people.

From now on the nightmare that the rented house becomes the person that rent a house

Last year on November 15, yu Liang is in Beijing again wide south the road rents a 2 rooms one hall, rental room message is sent on the net. The following day 16 when make, diao Zhongmin (alias) come round to see a room, just step a door, be attacked, 2000 multivariate and the content such as the mobile phone by loot one sky. The cuff and kick that cateran is opposite again, press Diao Zhongmin should pay ransom money 30 thousand yuan to fellow-townsman.

Last year on November 17 9 when make and 14 when make, sly such-and-such, the Tang Dynasty Cui is such-and-such, such-and-such will see a room, with Diao Zhongmin, became the prey of this group of person. Sly such-and-such mobile phone and more than yuan of 1000 cash are grabbed, more than yuan of 3100 cash on bank card is taken out entirely, cateran coerces some father gives Diao Mou his again the remittance on bank card is taken out 5000 yuan. The Tang Dynasty Cui is such-and-such, such-and-such after more than yuan of 500 watch of two two mobile phones of two people, Xi Tiecheng, money is grabbed. Yu Liang holds Tang Mou some bank card brushs card to consume eleven thousand two hundred and fifty-one yuan of money to a jeweller's. A few cateran are beaten up threaten, force 4 people should be mixed 30 thousand yuan to respective parents 6. 20 thousand yuan pay ransom money.

Receive after reporting a case to the security authorities, police piece net in order to wait for, last year on November 18 morning, yu Liang heads for a bazaar when to Tang Mou some family asks for ransom, be seized on the spot, diao Zhongmin, sly such-and-such, the Tang Dynasty Cui is such-and-such, such-and-such be rescued.
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