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Landlord has a word to say: If old by do sth over and over again, where is whose be able to stand?

There is the netizen of identity of a few landlords in forum, their speech represented the aspirations of one part landlord: "Present landlord is bad to become ah. " netizen " billow of big gorge Shenyang " go in the lease of single boarding house of square of new young person firm two months, the person that rent a house was not hired, why to also say. "Billow of big gorge Shenyang " say oneself are so busy that oneself send on the net post, leased the building again eventually go out. If often such by do sth over and over again, where is whose be able to stand? Visible, retreat temporarily hire, became a sore point of many landlord.

Landlord of the part before creating order so asks to the sexual distinction of lodger, profession more, have particular demand to citizenship, native place even. And such understanding, likelihood to some lodger, became a kind of worry.

The netizen reminds

Landlord lodger warmth gets along little secret

If landlord and lodger part, so the relation between them, relatively a few simpler. And the landlord that falls in an eave to be the same as and lodger, get along have what recipe, hangzhou net netizen has a few results.

Recipe one: Respect the habit of landlord and custom

This is a netizen " Sep1980 " of experience talk, he says to serve as a lodger, the custom that respects landlord is very be necessary. For instance some landlord like clean, some landlord must not smoke indoors. These should understand somewhat before be entered, otherwise if landlord is a more careful person, hope you take a friend to want to know to meet beforehand, and you sleep soundly in landlord secretly however later, take a friend, so you follow that bit of trustful feeling is met between landlord broke thoroughly.

Netizen " with heart bluff person " remind everybody, the word of average stay had better make a call. Often the word of stay, the temporary residence permit must do, if be being checked otherwise, landlord meets what be fined, if produce criminal case, and do not take give tenant the word of basic material, very troublesome.

Recipe 2: Abide by lease offer a price not to have regret

This is a netizen " wild cabbage " a bottom line that leases a building. Her means, since was hired, do not regret, do not complain in after the event hire expensive, that can blame you to do not have pair of markets that rent a house to understand prices beforehand only. $page$

And once you have such and such complaining psychology, always can behave more or less in at ordinary times on behavior, do not cherish the home appliance in the house for instance, always wanting to occupy a bit petty gain to come over from where again, from mentally calculate landlord, had gotten along very hard so.

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