Why does tax cost differ like chummage?

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He hire Ou Luofang village 3 times, every months of chummage is 600 yuan, his child is about to go up elementary school, latter he goes dealing with a building to rent a contract, the result was received 700 yuan, and another resident opposite side (chummage also is 600 yuan) was received only 300 multivariate, and landlord is same individual, why can you appear excuse me does this kind of same condition hire a room to collect fees different situation?

Huang Beiling of the management board of house of collect lake region that rent hires management answer of Suo Luofang control stand:

Among them one paid the tax that rent for landlord

Luo Fang village is the village in a city, a lot of farmers have several to build a house oneself, but the fee tax that as a result of historical problem a lot of farmers pay a building only, if the client leases the building that paid fee tax, deal with the contract that rent to want collection only the 360 yuan administration fee that rent, the building that does not have the duty that pay fee still adds besides the renting administration fee that pays 360 yuan the renting tax that pays 372 yuan. Him landlord hands in original building hires cost, but the landlord here does not wish to hand in mostly, afore-mentioned Mr Chen gentlemen want to handle the contract that rent, can take the way that oneself make only.

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