Should wait-and-see encounter hire to rise buy a room to wait even?

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Yesterday, a friend that has not bought a house related a such issues to me. Because he takes errant idea to whether want to buy a house now, room of plan afterwards relet is so wait-and-see period of time. He goes the subway saw want hack house near station of Yu of 5 lines cattail pollen, two bedrooms, 70 smooth rice, the house is average, not be very clean, and keep out is serious, want 2600 yuan / month. At that time, he feels is not first-rate the plan goes back discuss, look can reduce some of hire again. After about two hours, he calls to owner deliberate. But owner says however: "I am sorry really, after you go, a person comes over to see a room, decided, had paid the room fee of half an year. He is reticent at that time, look in him such house is worth 2600 yuan far from / month, in 3 months money namely 2000 yuan / lunar left and right sides. Can be now, hired inside two hours go out.

The friend that believes to a lot of do not implement the plan that buy a house and this person also are facing the reality that this hire rises euqally. A lot of people discover, this paragraph of time after year, what rental market phase wants fire to business market is much. The client of wait-and-see buying and selling formed the client that is eager to renting a house and cool detachment to contrast strongly. Hire busy season still will be retreated without in March meaning, height of the 2nd round of graduate hire has come ahead of schedule, plus the Olympic Games tourist of 50 much other places enters capital, saying hire not to go up just is an illusion then.

So, does the current situation with the so fervent market that rent have an effect after all to holding money to need bought business? The answer is affirmative of course, because, they are paying the hire of high specified number wait-and-see business market now. Dare not start to buy a house, the purpose can save some of house money as far as possible namely, but, the hire that rises like fleshy price a bit " overdraw " their capital. In awaiting ceaselessly, the moneybag that discovers oneself does not have deal more and more.

Be in at this moment, broad owner sees hire rises considerably, it is good that the house does not sell price is so not anxious also sold, the time that lay aside can be made up for with considerable hire. Then, the dream that buys room person to await house price to drop again undone. The more wait-and-see, this both loss the more disastrous. Fleshy price from 8 yuan / jin go up 18 yuan / jin, used be less than a year of time. So, by 18 yuan / jin fall 8 yuan / jin, want how long? What is more,the rather that demand the rental room source of flourishing?

Rent a house or buy a house, how to open " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " this problem resembles a worry going up in head of the person that buy a house " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " , hiring room and buy cannot accept or reject between the room. "I love my home " the personage inside course of study expresses, the person that buy a house chooses to rent a house wait-and-see, still get 7 the end of the year " inflection point " effect impact, drop to house price hold is exorbitant anticipate. And the actual condition of the market is however, house price is relatively stable however demand still is rising. Serve as especially show a room to supply, those who have advantageous situation, form a complete set to perfect is secondhand room. Bridal chamber is mostly beyond 5 annulus, safeguard sex housing explain buy a condition to wait for an element strictly to make secondhand the room makes be worthy of the name " cosset " .
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