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"I am afraid that owner rises in price relet was signed 3 old about. Owner says to sell now sell, turn my lease the autograph gives buy the home, new landlord does not identify old Zhang again, whose argue should I look for? " Miss Zhou is very rusty recently.

Because landlord is abrupt,sell room as a result to hire what the room is not having to be not an exemple so like Miss Zhou. The reporter arrives through covering knowledge, september is the fastigium entering office of duty field new personality originally, hasten of the building supply and demand that rent is close. Rise as a result of house price fast, landlord is turning in hack house and sell, old person is hired not less to be forced to change a room in Fosan, also joined the main force renting a house this year.

Incident: Take not buy it of new boss of lease carry out

Last year in August, live in the future for safeguard stable, prevent landlord to add hire, miss Zhou and landlord signed the long-term contract that rent, lease is 3 years. But be in not long ago, landlord was selling this set in hack house. To avoid to pay penalty due to breach of contract to Miss Zhou, landlord general house " take lease to sell " , the agreement that Miss Zhou and he signs turns the autograph gave new owner.

Miss Zhou tells a reporter, new owner is not willing to continue the house to rent, he expresses clearly, if Miss Zhou wants to continue to hire, must add hire. Former landlord or landlady states Miss Zhou can continue to hire, but new owner not acknowledge a debt. Bilateral refuse to budge do not have a result for a long time, the is as long as 3 years renting contract on Miss Zhou hand appears and did not ensure to her.

The reporter was visited with China on the west, the rented popular area discovery such as popular front, Hui Jingcheng, this year the renting circumstance of afore-mentioned area more hasten is nervous, hire also has 10%~20% go up.

Intermediary personage tells a reporter, because afore-mentioned area stand by Ji Hua of line of central area main force 5, circumjacent office building is bristly, also many companies handle official bussiness around, the demand that rent is exuberant. But beg this year hire with changing a room hire a guest to be in the majority, come the duty field new personality that Buddha works took among them fraction only.

Analysis: House price rises sell house property gains profit abundant

Mr Ma that has old sale experience expresses, generally speaking, have owner of house property hack investment demand, rent or be to sell which are planted return rate is higher, this is the respect that they pay close attention to most, and now " balance " tilt apparently.

Mr Ma calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter. It is with elevator building of Hui Jingcheng exemple, the house price of a 98 square metre restricted this time last year 350 thousand yuan or so, not long ago their company just clinched a deal, price has achieved 550 thousand yuan. Gain of a year of time 200 thousand yuan, can keep out this to plant " alluring " owner is not much.
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