"Is leasehold made over " with " relet " what differs?

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The office performance that building relet and leasehold make over both differring is in the following respects:
Of 1 , both mark different
Of former mark is the content that rent, of latter mark is leasehold.
Building relet, by " urban house rents administrative measure " the 26th regulation, it is to point to building tenant will bear the behavior of the building re-lease that hire. The 27th explanation says, tenant is inside the deadline that rent, ask for so that lessor agrees, can will bear the part that leases a building or all relet give another person. From this the regulation can see, what building relet is aimed at is " bear lease a building " part or all. Building leasehold is made over is above all a kind " the right " make over, those who be aimed at is a building " leasehold " .
2, both taking the method is different
Former the taking that is set, latter is the taking of move.
Building relet is sublessor is on the content that rent once more set a new leasehold, sublessor and second the new bond that rent holds water between tenant. Building leasehold is made over is leasehold of will former building concessive give alienee, did not establish a new leasehold, what hold water between transferor and alienee is one makes over contracted and rather than to rent bond.
3, the method of both implementation is different
Former and general will come true through paying rent in installment, latter is one-time commonly to pay. When relet, advocate the renting condition of the contract that rent and relet hire contract can have different, relet can be the mark that rent all or one part, when leasehold is made over, alienee acquired the right like former tenant.
4, the legal consequence of both generation is different
The leasehold of former building still belongs to former tenant (sublessor) , the leasehold of latter building belongs to alienee.
Building relet is sublessor to renting content once more set new leasehold, the right obligation of the original contract that rent did not remove, second the new leasehold of tenant, with the leasehold of sublessor existence holds water for premise. Building leasehold is made over is former tenant leasehold completely concessive give new tenant, the leasehold of new tenant, of the leasehold with former tenant eliminate hold water for premise.
Because building relet did not eliminate the original contract that rent, so comply with " urban house rents administrative measure " thirtieth regulation, after relet contract become effective, sublessor is enjoyed and assume the right of the letter that relet contract provides and obligation, and ought to fulfil the obligation of the tenant that the original contract that rent sets. And make over to building leasehold, the obligation of the tenant that the original renting contract that former tenant undertakes sets criterion as its leasehold eliminate and eliminate.
According to above the analysis can see, in this case, yu Mou and the contract behavior that thank some belong to building leasehold to make over relet of and rather than, after building leasehold makes over contract become effective, the building between Yu Mou and Wang Mou rents right obligation relation to turn to be assumed by Xie Mou, yu Mou exited this building to hire a concern, also assume any obligation with provision of the original contract that rent no longer.
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