Tenant has what right and obligation

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One, building access is gained inside the conventional deadline of the contract that rent. During this, although building droit is made over, tenant still enjoys this one right. Bear the tenant that hires the residence to use a room, if die inside the deadline that rent, its live 2 years jointly the domestic member of above can continue bear hire.
2, the regulation that presses the contract that rent, demand letter is seasonable and reparative building. The residence uses the natural attaint of the room, ought to be in charge of repair by lessor commonly. Blame residence uses the maintenance of the room, by both sides the agreement in the contract that rent is handled.
3, classics lessor agrees, can will bear those who lease a building is all or partial relet gives another person. The hire when relet is OK tower above former bear the hire that hire, sublessor can acquire economic interest from which.
4, if lessor sells a house, should shift to an earlier date 3 months inform tenant. Below coequal condition, tenant is enjoyed preferential buy right.
5, inside the deadline that rent, bear the house that rent needs to tear open change because of national construction with the room, tenant has acquire the right that find a place for.

Tenant rents term a planted agent to assume the following obligation in the building:
One, pay rent on schedule, if default hire, ought to pay penalty due to breach of contract to lessor.
2, use reasonably according to the function of the building bear the building that lease, cannot do sth without authorization is torn open, change a building to reach its to decorate, equipment, accessary establishment, if need really,change, ought to ask for so that lessor agrees beforehand, sign written contract at this point. Because the fault of tenant causes what the building damages, because bear the responsibility of compensation or rehabilitate.
3, ought to abide by government office of local civil administration to set to the management of rental building.

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