Is tenement registered with owner identity assume responsibility?

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The netizen quizs: The dominion card that hears some tenement use owner and Id are registered, sign the beak a contract after the contract, should owner assume joint liability?

Chen Xuguo's lawyer replies: This should treat specific condition, whether assume responsibility, basically see owner be opposite the accredit content of building intermediary.

The netizen replies: Not quite clear still, intermediary says to just seek a client to me, the contract wants to be signed by I and tenement. Sign a contract what should I notice? Always be afraid of be duped.

Chen Xuguo's lawyer replies: Sign what the contract basically notices to have: The deadline that rent; Hire delivery time; Tenant is compulsory to the protective management of the building; The responsibility of breach of contract that exceed the time limit pays; Of lease renew the contract; The both sides after the contract that rent expires is right of the building have sex check and accept etc.

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