Does building lessor understand his responsibility?

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As lessor, want to understand oneself responsibility of course, responsible to tenant, also be responsible to oneself house.

The responsibility that lessor agree carries:
1, the deadline that lessor should agree by the contract offers a house, otherwise, every exceed the time limit will pay one day not to exceed lunar hire the penalty due to breach of contract of 3% , penalty due to breach of contract can't compensate for tenant losing, lessor is returned so that undertake compensating with respect to skimpy share;
2, lessor should check maintenance building regularly by contract agreement, otherwise, the anybody body harm that because do not have,causes and belongings loss, lessor agree carries liability to pay compensation;
3, during renting, lessor needs to rebuild, of extend or change building utility and structure, need consult tenant opinion, apply for approval by the regulation concerned branch is approved;
4, during renting, if lessor needs to make over already hack building, ought to shift to an earlier date 2 months are written announcement tenant.

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