How does rental room avoid as landlord legal dispute

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1. house-owner should hold " card of building property right " , only the droit talent of the building enjoys the accrual of this building to counterpoise. If be to suffer building host (person of building property right) entrust era its are rental of the building, should have the written a power of attorney of house-owner. If be relet, ought to ask for beforehand those who get house-owner is written agree, otherwise, the contract that the person signs blame building droit is namely invalid, cannot be protected by law. If you want to already will buy public house to rent, but had not handled property right card, house-owner can open relevant proof from the unit. In the meantime, because buy a house when not gold of pay land sell one's own things, from jural tell, should the land accrual turn over to the higher authorities that will include in hire. But press current concerned regulation, can rent by confidential temporarily.

2. is rental still just need to deal with " the building rents licence " . The basis builds a department " urban house rents administrative measure " regulation, be in only obtain a building to rent licence, after paying agree tax, its behavior just is lawful. Rent a contract as the house that has legal effectiveness, rent the requirement that registering is contract become effective. If did not fulfill this one legal process, this contract is regarded as to disable namely, its content does not get legal protection. Once tenant violates this contract, lessor will suffer pecuniary loss. That is to say, below the circumstance that defaults chummage in tenant, lessor cannot use legal measure to safeguard his legitimate rights and interests.

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